Manishevitz was a band of unique qualities. They brushed with fame, enjoyed raves from heavyweight critics, earned the admiration of their peers, and built a devout following, all while in the shadows of Chicago's musical landscape. Their music was unconventional and brainy. It was an exuberant celebration drifting into the cosmos itself, carrying with it timeless waves of well-mannered, truant, and thoroughly singular rhythms--all characteristics in parallel with the branding, 'cult status.'

With the release East to East, Manishevitz once again cruised the convergence of komishe, art-pop, R&B, and exploratory jazz through a set of shrewd, thoughtfully-composed rock n' roll songs.
Each release from Manishevitz seemed to represent a shift in musical approach, theory, and execution. East of East is all about refinement and expansion to the heady arsenal with its liberal use of open-ended Neu-like groove structures and opulent, moody pop mutations (think Roxy Music). Through meticulous attention to detail, the recordings rose to a level of sophistication that grew with cursory listens. East to East offers the sound of a band reeling from its own prowess, moving passionately through a reckless medium.

With four LP releases to their credit, Manishevitz delivered the culmination of Adam Busch & co.'s particular take on post-everything pop forms, delivered with the vigorous band and the grace of scene veterans with nothing to prove.